How to Make Super Smoothies with Frozen Bananas

How to Make Super Smoothies with Frozen Bananas

Bananas are one fruit that seem to be available most of the year. I like bananas, but they tend to ripen faster than we can use them. This is one reason I normally freeze our bananas. I may keep a few unfrozen to eat before they over ripen. But the rest of the bunch, into the freezer they go!

To freeze, I peel the bananas, and place them together in a large zip lock freezer bag. It is best to freeze before the bananas begin to soften or turn brown. My sister used to freeze bananas without peeling, and use them for baking. I prefer to peel first, because peeling a frozen banana tends to produce mushy and slimy fruit, which may be fine for baking, yet not for much else.

It has been my experience that a frozen banana, still in its peel, tends to get tossed in the rubbish more than used. Wheras a frozen banana out of its peel, is much more appealing and easily used in various ways.

But what else can you do with frozen bananas? Dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in nuts is one old fashion idea. Sometimes I carefully cut a frozen banana into slices, using my ulu knife, and add the banana slices to warm oatmeal.

If you cut a frozen banana, be very careful, as it is easy for a knife to slip off the hard frozen fruit, and cause an injury.

My favorite use for frozen bananas is the smoothly. To the blender I add a frozen banana, cut into several pieces, some plain yogurt, and strawberries. Whip in the blender for a super smoothie. Sometimes I add a quarter cup of ice, and other fruit. My mother occasionally leaves out the other fruit, and replaces milk for the yogurt, then adds a tablespoon of Nestle Quick, for a banana-chocolate smoothie.

The frozen banana adds the icy affect to the smoothie, without the ice and additional water. It isn't an exact science, but if you want to control how many servings you want to produce, begin by filling the number of glasses you want with the ingredients, and then pour into your blender. After you've finished blending, re-pour the smoothie into the glasses.

Use the frozen banana immediately, do not let it thaw and sit around or it will become mushy, slimy and have an unappealing texture.

When you find bananas on sale, consider buying some for your freezer. You will then have this delicious fruit ready for a quick healthy smoothie, or as an ingredient for banana bread.

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