Vegan Organic Makeup- Beauty That Does not Hurt

Vegan Organic Makeup- Beauty That Does not Hurt

Turning vegan is a conscious effort you make both mentally and physically. It is a lifestyle that you choose to follow albeit a tough one but at least with the positive understanding of animals and the environment surrounding you. You choose not to eat meat and animal products in addition to avoiding things which makes use of animal byproducts.


When you have turned vegan know that it is high time that you changed your makeup products too. Most of the cheap products that have found their way to your dressing table may be laced with animal bone, skin and other body parts which you may not be aware of. Here take a look at some of them:

Guanine: This shimmering material is the crushed fish scales found in nail polish and lipsticks.    

Gelatin: Gelatin is the skin, ligaments and bones of animals. It is found in creamy cosmetics and nail treatments.

Collagen: This is a fibrous protein animal tissue that is found in lip gloss and anti-aging creams that goes high on promise to make you look youthful forever, if only that was true to be believed!

Ambergris: This is got from the inner lining of the stomach of a whale. This oily substance is widely used in perfumes.

Cochineal dye: This is a red dye collected from the crushed cochineal beetles and is found in most lipsticks and blush products.

So instead of applying makeup with animal products make a decision to switch over to the cruelty-free and vegan makeup products. Search online for the best vegan organic makeup and be proud to apply it knowing that you haven’t harmed any animal just to look beautiful.

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