Doba – How Does It Compare to Oberlo?

Doba – How Does It Compare to Oberlo?

Both Doba and Oberlo are drop shipping services that aim to save you time (for more detailed information about Doba, read my full Doba review here) by allowing you to link your e-commerce web site directly with a network of suppliers.  By doing this, you can offer for sale all the stock they have, with your own price mark up, and very easily fulfil orders using drop shippers through either Oberlo or Doba's interface.

How much does this cost?

It sounds expensive, and you're right – it is.

Oberlo has the cheapest starting price point at just under $30 a month, but this easily increases to over $80 depending on how many products you want to offer on your e-commerce site.  Doba costs $59.95 a month, so roughly in the middle of the different Oberlo price points.

Bear in mind as well that these services only offer drop shipping – there is no option to buy in bulk and save money that way.

Are they worth using?

Both Oberlo and Doba are good at what they do.  They both have a wide range of products – Doba list about two million in their inventory and Oberlo connects to Ali Express and makes available all the products that their drop shippers have in stock.

They are, however, costly and restrictive.  You do not get to cut out the middle man or have as much control over your buying and supplier relationships as you would expect to get when using a wholesaler or even drop shipper directly.

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