Drifting As A Motorsports – Fine Tune Mechanics

Drifting As A Motorsports – Fine Tune Mechanics

Happening and crazy automotives are a part of modern culture. Sydney culture too is influenced by blingy cars be it american muscle, japanese, Korean or German. There is no chance any globally recognised sports cannot be spotted on the streets of Sydney. Car culture is high in the town and boys love to personalise their rides. A good car always catches everyone’s attention. A skilled Sydney Mechanic must know how to make the best out of a stock vehicle. He should know in detail whatever parts can be tuned and whichever additions can be made. Motorsports too is popular in Sydney.

Talking about motorsports, there is off roading, drag races, formula one and drifting being some of the popular forms of motorsports.

Drifting is one of the most popular form of motorsport. It is a driving technique where the driver while retaining the control of the car oversteers and make its rear wheels or all wheels lose the traction. It is caused when slip angle of rear tyres is more than front tyres, often to such an extent that front wheels point in opposite direction to the turn.

Drifting competitions are popular in Japan. It finds its origin in Japan. Keiichi Tsuchiya was popularly known as Drift king back in late 1970s.

Drifting requires specific tune up of your car. Some of the specific engines most suitable for drifting are General Motors LS, Mazda 13B Rotary, Ford Falcon, Lexus SC ,Toyota 4 A-GE, Nissan SR20DET, Mast RHS466 among many others. A Motor Mechanic must know essential tune up elements to build a car fit for drifting. Normally light to moderate weight rear wheel drive coupes and sedans are preferred for drifting. These include Subaru WRX, Mitsubishi Evo and Nissan GT-R. Drift tune includes making adjustments to drivetrain, steering and suspension, cockpit and tires. Yokohama Advan, Achilles Radial 123s, Nitto NT05 are some of the popularly used tires for drift vehicles.

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