Types Of Vehicles To Expect From Limo Service

Types Of Vehicles To Expect From Limo Service

Limousine is a special luxury vehicle which is used in the popular culture on various events. It is used by the various celebrities, politicians and elite business class.  Limousines come in many shapes and sizes. Most people think that they can either be black or white but there are many options available at Amore Sydney. There are many awesome trends in limo services which includes amenities such as sofas, hot tubs, jacuzzis, bar etc. A limo is the most expensive form of transportation, there it is also a symbol of power and prestige. It is a luxury of the few. People love to have it but it is very expensive.

This is why some people go for limo service Sydney on rent for various special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, social events, corporate events and bachelor parties. A limo service has become more significant in the recent times because there are many affordable packages and variations and everyone can hire it for a special day. They also provide custom service for the needs of the occasions. Here are the examples of types of limos and the different function that they offer.

Sedan Limo: There are many different types of limos that fit in this category. It is the smallest type of limo which is available on this list. It is also the most affordable option to rent. 2-3 people can also fit in easily in this type of limo.

Limo Stretch: These types of limos are also the ones similar ot sedans but the only difference is that they are longer. There are three types of stretch limos in this category. They all include eight pack, six pack and ten pack.  

Super Stretch: These are the special models such as towncars, Bentleys and even the SUVs. Super stretch limo is a good option for big and lavish get togethers.

Party Bus: A party bus limo has become a raging trend in the recent times. They offer great luxuries and space and can also be used for clubbing.

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