What must I expect from my vacuum cleaner?

What must I expect from my vacuum cleaner?

The tenth part, which leaves your friends and relatives judging you and your state of mind and cleanliness, is up to none other than your one and only friend in distress, your vacuum cleaner.

Say goodbye to sandy floors and balls of dust rolling. An incompetent vacuum cleaner is no excuse for a dirty house that gets on your nerves and gives a wrong impression of your life style to the visitors.

The following are some of the things that you can expect from a vacuum cleaner:

Easy cleaning, at the very least. Would you rather have your floor cleaned ten times just to see some of the dust untouched or simply vacuum it once and make it stick and span? Yes, that’s right, a powerful vacuum is a good and reliable vacuum, for if its suction is not able to satisfy your inner cleanliness loving self, then it’s not worth giving a shot in the first place.

Secondly, they should be light-weighted as wooden floors are delicate and heavy vacuum cleaners tend to leave marks and dents on the floor. Also, lightweight vacuum cleaners make it easy to operate and maneuver around rooms and the house.

Apart from light weight, a vacuum cleaner must also have changeable heads that can suck from deepest of cracks, nooks and corners and clean away pet hairs and litters and tiny dust particles.

Also, small light emitting diodes (LEDs) attached to the head of the vacuum allow the user to see how clean or dirty the cavities are and how efficient the vacuum is in cleaning them.

Another very important technology for the ease of access is the High-efficiency particulate air filter or the HEPA feature that filters such that the vacuum catches the dust mites, pollen and pet allergens.

Also, vacuums with soft rubber wheels underneath allow easier rolling on the floor and don’t scratch and spoil the wooden floors at all.

Of course this is just a few things to consider on the vacuum itself. You also need to consider some other factors like the type of vacuum, price, warranty periods, bagged or bagless, corded or cordless, etc when you want to get a new vacuum.

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