Opossum : A Common Problem For House Owners

Opossum : A Common Problem For House Owners

The opossum is magnificent in appearance and has been known to make fun lovable pets, but there’s another side to opossum we must all be conscious of. Regrettably, the opossum is categorized as a rabies vector species (RVS) in most states, meaning that they are animals capable of transporting and carrying the rabies virus to humans and other creatures. That is where an opossum removal services come into the role. You can get more detail about opossum removal services via https://www.allstaranimaltrapping.com.


Although all mammals can become infected with rabies, the opossum is more at risk because their bodies can serve as reservoirs for the virus. If a human or animal is bitten by a raccoon, while it’s rabid or not, they need to call animal control and immediately seek medical care.

Always behave as though a wild animal is carrying a disease if attacked or bitten. If a person or another pet is bitten by a dog who hasn’t had a rabies vaccination, always act as though the dog is carrying the virus and seek immediate medical attention, just in case.

Rabid opossum

Despite the fact that you ought to always take action like a wild animal is rabid, it’s great knowledge to know what one looks like. A wholesome raccoon should be outside at night or dusk. Also, they ought to appear healthy, walk straight, and look as if they have an agenda.

A wholesome raccoon must exhibit all characteristics that a mammal in good shape would. Now, as for a rabid raccoon, the indications aren’t so pretty. Here are the signs that a raccoon is infected with the rabies virus:

The raccoon can’t walk straight or has difficulty walking. They may even seem to be drunk or confused, and may also be walking in circles.

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