The Value of Business Process Management

The Value of Business Process Management

Business Process Management isn't about the software that you use but rather about having handled processes which improve your competitive edge. Whether it enhances operational efficiency, reduces cost, improves the customer experience, ensures compliance or drives innovation, it had handled processes all contributes to an increased competitive advantage and differentiation in the marketplace. Hire the Top Business Consulting Firms for your Business Process Improvement.

The Value of Business Process Management

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All of the above can potentially be achieved with no software, but the requirements of the Real Time Enterprise (RTE) require consistent, repeatable and timely implementation of business processes. This requires some type of integration, automation, collaboration, and observation to deliver on the promise of RTE.

Software-based process management solutions have existed for quite a very long time and products such as ERP solutions have succeeded to some level in connecting information systems from several functional silos into one repository.

Workstream vs BPM

BPM is all about managing a company problem where the workflow is a tech. BPM utilize workflow as one of its measurements to control business processes. The notion of measurements led me to consider a few of the other measurements of BPM. Additionally, it reminded me of the block as the icon for BPM using its six sides. The six sides of the BPM block.

  • BPM has an individual workflow (WF) measurement;
  • BPM includes a rules engine (RE) measurement;
  • BPM has an enterprise application integration (EAI) measurement;
  • BPM includes a service-oriented architecture (SOA) measurement;
  • BPM includes a content management (CM) measurement; and
  • BPM has a business intelligence (BI) dimension.
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