Lifetime of a Cellular Phone Battery

Lifetime of a Cellular Phone Battery

In the modern world, people cannot live without cell phones. We need to be aware of the types of batteries that are available for the cell phones. Each type of battery is different.

At first, the nickel-cadmium (NaCl) batteries have been utilized. They were the cheapest and therefore very affordable. The drawback was that it needed to be completely discharged and recharged whenever it had been billed. If you want to know more about  cellular phone battery then you can also look at : 

Lithium Ion Batteries Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries


It'd also the'memory effect'. Following this came the Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. They're affordable and less likely to this'memory effect'. It needed to be totally discharged and recharged after the cycle. The most recent batteries will be the Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries that are pricier than the prior versions. They don't need to be discharged and recharged.

They aren't influenced by the'memory effect'. Following this came the Lithium Polymer batteries. This is the most recent technology. When compared with the earlier versions the lithium-ion battery mobile phones are lighter, sleeker and much superior.

The storage or storage capacity of this battery is reportedly the talk time and standby time of their telephone. This is reportedly in milli-amp hours (mAh). The life of a mobile phone battery is dependent upon how we manage the mobile phone.

Take decent care of your mobile phone. Don't strike on it or toss it down, since it's detrimental for the telephone. The metallic connections between the battery and the telephone ought to be clean.



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