Learning about Different Types of pearl Earring Hooks

Learning about Different Types of pearl Earring Hooks

If you would like to create pearl earrings, you'll have to purchase or create some pearl earring hooks. These elements permit you to thread the rings securely and safely through your piercing hole.

In case you've used good excellent e pearl earring hooks, then they'll also help ensure that your rings sits or hangs properly, so it will look how you want it to seem.

Here's some information concerning different kinds of pearl beads hooks which are offered.

Learning about Different Types of pearl Earring Hooks

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Fish hooks

These pearl earring pins are shaped just like a fish hook. They slot readily throughout the piercing hole at the ear and will permit the pearl earring to hang back.

This sort of hook is most widely used on drop pearl earrings. Due to the amount of the hook along with the small curve of the cable, a rear section isn't ordinarily required for this kind of hook.

The simplistic layout of those components means it is extremely simple to produce your own using a little bit of polished jewelry making wire if you'd love to get a go.

Butterfly Back

With all these “earring hooks", the “hook" which extends through the ear lobe is really right, or so the pearl earring has to be fastened in a different manner.

Thus, a backing called a “blossom" is placed on in the opposite of the ear so that you can keep the pearl earring set up. It's referred to as a butterfly due to its shape. 

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