Dog Biscuits That Won’t Make Your Dog Fat!

Dog Biscuits That Won’t Make Your Dog Fat!

Did you know that the majority of dogs that are overweight are in their condition because of the dog biscuits they eat? While there are certainly many reasons why dogs can pack on a few extra pounds, dog biscuits can be the culprit if you are worried your pooch is just too heavy. You may have a lean dog and worry about overall health and want to avoid obesity too. Whatever the case, you want to see what you can find for healthy dog biscuits. That way you can indulge them once in a while without worrying that their treats are going to shorten their lives.

Dog biscuits are a common way that owners use positive reinforcements to show a dog that they are pleased with their behaviour. This is far more effective than swatting at them if they misbehave or locking them up in a kennel when they should otherwise be free in the home. As with children, dogs respond better to and learn better from the positive reinforcements, so do not think that you have to give up this type of treat when training or rewarding your dog. You just want to be on the look out for healthy dog biscuits, Millie’s Paws have a great range available online..

There is a movement among dog owners to buy healthier dog food. When you are choosing food for your family, you probably read the labels pretty well to make sure you are putting things into their bodies that are healthy. You should do the same for your dog. If you are reading the ingredients and you do not know what half of the things are on the list, you may want to get something better. You should do the same when you are looking for healthy dog biscuits. Read the ingredients first so you are sure they are the best out there.

Grains are important to dogs, so when you get healthy dog biscuits you want to see that there are some whole grains. They should not be the main ingredient though. As with dog food, you want to see meats listed at least to some degree, and you want them to be whole meats. You want to see the most natural looking list of ingredients on the package that you would see on your bag of dog food. Fillers are simply empty calories that your dog does not need, and could be things that are detrimental to their health.

Remember that no matter what healthy dog biscuits you get for your pet, you can not overdo it when you are giving them out. You want to limit them to just a few a day or at just one if they are larger biscuits. They will get some chewing enjoyment out of them, but too many are a bad idea. Instead, get them rawhide bones that they can gnaw on to their hearts content. Both are good for their teeth and a good raw hide will last your pooch quite a long time. That in addition to a good biscuit or two a day should be all the extra they need.

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